China Sports Culture Expo · China Sports Tourism Expo November 28-30,2019 Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo
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As one of the most important exhibition centers in South China, the Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall has 6 exhibition halls of international standard on the 3 floors over ground. Each of the exhibition halls covers an area of 11,300 square meters. It also has a subway exhibition hall, which makes the total exhibition area of the center exceed 80,000 square meters. With the standard height of 12 meters, the rectangular exhibition halls are deemed a professional and internationalized platform for exhibitions and conferences.


Sports Culture Zone Traditional Chinese sports culture, brilliant achievements in competitive sports, results of nationwide fitness, new era sports, winter sports development, equestrianism, etc.
Sports Brand ZoneSports brands, sports event brands, etc.
International Sports Organization Zone:  National exhibition groups, international sports organizations, international sports culture organizations and international sports event organizations.
Sports Culture and Tourism Creativity Zone: Sports culture and tourism creativity products, sports tourism service agencies, sports culture creativity institutions, sports education and talent training institutions, etc.
Sports Technology and Health Zone: Sports technologies, smart venue design and operation, e-sports, sports media and platforms, interaction experience area, etc.
Regional Sports Culture and Tourism Zone: Regional sports culture and tourism exhibition zones, folk customs and sports culture, characteristic sports leisure towns, sports tourism demonstration bases, sports tourism attractions, sports tourism events, sports tourism lines, sports tourism destinations, sports parks, etc.