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The Pearl River Night Cruise


The Pearl River, which stretches 2,129 km, is the third largest river across China. Its name originated from the “Haizhu Stone.” When the river flowed through the city of Guangzhou, there was a huge stone island in it. The stone island was washed by the water for a long time and became round and smooth like a pearl. Therefore, the river is named the “Pearl River.”

Baiyun Mountain Scenic Spot



Baiyun Mountain is listed as the first of the Eight Scenes of Guangzhou, a national key scenic spots, a national civilized scenic spot and one of the country’s AAAAA class scenic spots. Located in the northeastern part of Guangzhou, it is regarded as one of the famous mountains in southern Guangdong. It has been known as “the first sight of Guangzhou” since ancient times. Consisting of over 30 peaks, the great mountain is a branch of the Jiulian Mountain, which is the highest peak in Guangdong. The mountain covers an area of 20.98 and features overlapping peaks and crisscrossing streams. Its main peak is 382 meters high, overlooking the entire city. When the sun comes out after rain or in late spring, the mountain is surrounded by white clouds and its name hails from the spectacular scene. 

The Nansha Tianhou Palace


The Nansha Tianhou Palace is adjacent to Lingdingyang, the estuary of the Pearl River. Located in the southeastern foot of the Dajiao Mountain, the magnificent palace is built against the slope of the mountain. A stone statue of Tianhou stands at the very center of the Tianhou Square in commemoration of Mazu, a Chinese sea goddess. Its architectural style features the Palace Museum in Beijing and the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing. The palace is the largest of its kind across the world today. It is regarded as the “Largest Tianhou Palace” in the world and the largest Mazu Temple in Southeast Asia.

The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall


The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Guangzhou is located in the Dongfeng Middle Road at the south foot of Yuexiu Mountain. It is a key cultural relic under the protection of Guangdong Province. The memorial hall was built in the shape of an octagon and a plaque hangs over its front eaves, reading “Tian Xia Wei Gong” (the whole world as one community), which was written by Sun Yat-sen. Steel frames spanning 30 meters support the hall at the center without any columns used inside and the entire building takes on a Chinese style. The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall was built by people living in Guangzhou and overseas Chinese in commemoration of Mr. Sun Yat-sen.