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Photography Competition

Implementation Plan for Sports Culture & 
Sports Tourism Photography Contest


A. Theme:

Sports bring us healthy bodies, energy and interesting souls. Feeling the beauty of the mountains and rivers in sports tourism, we share it with others as the beauty of nature goes by. The China Sports Culture Expo and the China Sports Tourism Expo Organizing Committee hereby plans for a sports culture and sports tourism photography contest.

B. Duration:

July-December, 2018

C. Participants:

All those who submit their works

D. Contest Overview:

The contest information will be released on the official website of China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo. We welcome submission of works from all walks of life. A group of experts will be invited to form a panel for preliminary review of the works and draw up a shortlist. During the expo, shortlisted works will be on presented for final selection. Exhibitors and visitors will be invited for voting, the rankings will be determined based on the total number of votes, and afterwards the awards will be presented.

E. Procedure & Schedules

1. Submission Period (July-November 30)

The contest information will be released on the official website of China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo. The contest is open to public; it requires participants to print out their own works and attach the contest registration form to the lower right corner of the work’s back before sending them to the designated address. In the meantime, the participant needs to login on the official website for contest and upload the photos.

2. Preliminary Review (December 1-10)

Government officials, sports culture experts and photography experts will be invited to form a panel for preliminary work review. A total of 50 works will be shortlisted.

3. Final Selection & Awards (December 11-13)

A Special area will be set up to showcase the 50 shortlisted works at the expo. Each of the work will appear with a QR code at its bottom. By scanning the codes, exhibitors and visitors can vote for candidates on the official WeChat public platform. Each person can vote three times a day and the deadline is 24:00 on December 12. The organizing committee will announce the voting results and present the awards in afternoon of December 13.

F. Awards & Prizes

1st Prize, 1 winner, prize value 10,000 yuan

2nd Prize, 5 winners, prize value 4,000 yuan

3rd Prize, 10 winners, prize value 1,000 yuan

Excellence Prize, several winners, prize value 500 yuan

G. Work Submission Requirements

1. The works should be submitted in the form of photographs. The works should be authentic, original content with passion and matches the contest theme well. The content of the picture should be clear and complete with reasonable composition, and has certain characteristics of photography.

2. Submission of composite photos, multiple exposure photos and photos artificially modified with computer technology will not be accepted at the contest.

3. Photo type: There are two types, single photo and group photo. For group photo, the number of photos in each group should not exceed four; and all photos in the same group should be attached to a cardboard.

4. Photo size: 12 inches (works for color, black & white)

5. A contest registration form must be attached to the back of the photo to be submitted. Please fill in form with accurate and detailed information. The deadline for submission is October 1.

H. Review Criteria

1. Vivid in theme with rich and positive content;

2. Lively and distinctive content reflecting strength and beauty of sports;

3. Creative, unique and artistic;

4. Proper technique and a delight to watch;

5. Great overall effect.

I. Media Coverage

CCTV-5, BTV, Xinhua News Agency, China News, FT Chinese, Le Sports, Sina Sports

NetEase Sports, Sohu Sports, Titan Sports,, Condé Nast Traveler, Tudou Sports, CCTV-Travel Channel,

Travel Satellite TV, Phoenix TV, IFENG.COM, IFENG Auto, iDareX, Ray Outdoor, QQ.COM, HUPU,

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Appendix 1

Registration Form For Sports Culture & Sports Tourism Photography Contest