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Volunteer collection

2019 China Sports Culture Expo & China Sports Tourism Expo

Volunteer Recruitment


I. Project Overview

2019 China Sports Culture Expo hosted by General Administration of Sport of China and Chinese Olympic Committee and China Sports Tourism Expo hosted by All-China Sports Federation, Chinese Olympic Committee and China Tourism Association  (CSCTE 2019 for short ) will take place in Guangzhou during November 28-30, 2019. The CSCTE 2019 is committed to promoting the exchange of sports culture and the combination of sports culture and tourism for development.

The volunteer recruitment is dedicated to the CSCTE 2019. Anyone who meets the criterion can make the application at the official website of the CSCTE 2019.

II. Process

The volunteers are composed of professional and non-professional ones as per job requirements. The host/undertake will conduct recruitment, training, job determination and exhibition service step by step according to the principles and methods of project management.

Time of recruitment: From the date of press conference (CSCTE 2019) to November 1, 2019.

Step I: 

• Log on the official website of the CSCTE 2019; download the “Volunteer Application for the CSCTE 2019” at the “Download” section (or download Annex I at the end of the text: Volunteer Application for the CSCTE 2019); complete the form and send it to (Note: One ID card only refers to one person and cannot be used for anyone else except the holder);

•      The “Volunteer Application for the CSCTE 2019” shall be submitted before November 1, 2019; otherwise, the application will be deemed as invalid;

Step II:

• The host/undertaker of the CSCTE 2019 will select the qualified applicants and conduct phone interview or interview in batches;  

Step III:

• Notify the applicants of interview results (those who pass the interview will be recruited);

Step IV:

• The host/undertaker provides professional trainings (time of training to be determined).

III. Requirements for Volunteers

The volunteers for the CSCTE 2019 are those who comply with the laws and regulations of China and the restrictive provisions of the host/undertake on age and other aspects, and are competent and qualified for specific jobs and willing to provide obligatory service and accept the leadership and management of the host/undertaker. The specific requirements are as follows:

1. The volunteers shall be willing to provide voluntary service for the CSCTE 2019.

2. The volunteers shall be aged at or above 18, healthy, and fully capable of civil conduct.

3. The volunteers shall comply with relevant laws and regulation of China without any criminal conviction or bad habit.

4. The volunteers shall be able to participate in trainings and relevant activities.

5. The volunteers shall be able to take relevant job responsibilities during the expo and provide sweeping service within the time required by the host/undertaker.

6. The volunteers whose mother tongue is Chinese shall hold basic communication skills in foreign language (mainly referring to English) and pass College English Test Band 4. Others (minorities) shall hold basic communication skills in Chinese and foreign language (mainly referring to English).

7. The volunteers shall hold professional knowledge and skills required for relevant jobs.

8. Wear uniforms and keep orderly arrangement at stations. The volunteers shall wear uniforms and work cards as required. It is prohibited to put any advertisement in any form around the station and to cover or modify any facility at the station by any means. It is required to orderly place all the articles like materials and bottles and clean up the station in a timely manner.

9. Comply with work schedule and stick to the post. The volunteers shall strictly abide by the work schedule without being late or leaving early. Anyone who is unable to work due to sickness or business shall ask the person in charge for a leave in advance. It is now allowed to deal with personal business and leave or skive off work without any reason.

10. Earnestly fulfill duties and provide quality service. The volunteers shall be dutiful and diligent for all the services; keep communication tools functional; seek the support and assistance from the person in charge in case of any emergency and provide voluntary service as needed. Meanwhile, the volunteers shall be active, enthusiastic, thoughtful, civilized and polite during the service, pay attention to diplomatic etiquette, comply with national laws and social morality, maintain a satisfactory voluntary service image and provide quality services.

11. Pay attention to personal safety. The volunteers shall enhance safety consciousness and ensure personal and property safety during the service.



IV. Assurance, Incentive and Notes for Volunteers

 (I) Assurance

1. A voluntary service fee of RMB100/day and relevant ID registration card;

2. Work uniforms;

3. Catering during working hours;

4. Free public transport service in the city during the CSCTE 2019; and

5. Personal accident insurance during the work.

 (II) Incentive/punishment measures

1. Voluntary service certificate of the CSCTE 2019;

2. Honorary title for the individuals, teams and organizations with excellent performance during the CSCTE 2019; 

3. Souvenirs for volunteers according to the “service hours” and effects; and

4. Voluntary service certificates granted by the host/undertaker after competitions.

 (III) Notes

1. For any volunteer who fails to fulfill the duties, his/her qualifications will be cancelled in accordance with relevant provisions; 

2. For any volunteer who takes any illegal act, the host/undertake of the CSCTE 2019 reserves the right to file lawsuits or pursue relevant liabilities.

V. Contact Us

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* Annex I: Volunteer Application for the CSCTE 2019