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Mascot collection

Plan for Collecting Mascot Design Drafts for Two Expos 2018 from Home and Abroad

A. Background for Collection

The China Sports Culture Expo 2018, organized by the General Administration of Sport of China and the Chinese Olympic Committee, and the China Sports Tourism Expo, organized by the All-China Sports Federation and the Chinese Olympic Committee (together referred to as the CSCE 2018), will be held during December 11-13 in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. The CSCE is committed to building a high-end platform from the international perspective at national strategic level, boosting the exchange of sports cultures and promoting the integration and development of the sports culture and the sports tourism industry. Themed with China, a New Launch Pad for the World Sports, the CSCE will feature exhibitions, conference, business negotiations and events. The CSCE is committed to building a high-end platform from the international perspective at national strategic level, boosting and promoting the integration and development of the sports culture and the sports tourism.

B. Organizational Structure

China Sports Culture Expo 2018


General Administration of Sport of China

Chinese Olympic Committee   


Guangzhou Municipal Government

Sports Culture Development Center of General Administration of Sport of China

IDG Asia

IDG World Expo Ltd

China Sports Tourism Expo 2018


All-China Sports Federation

Chinese Olympic Committee

China Tourism Association 


Guangzhou Municipal Government

Sports Culture Development Center of General Administration of Sport of China

IDG Asia

IDG World Expo Ltd

C. Design Requirements

1Mascot Image Design

 (1) The design can be a single image or a group of images, and the design concept shall match the theme of the CSCE 2018 — “China, a New Launch Pad for the World Sports”;

 (2) The design shall be related to culture and tourism, such as intangible cultural heritage;

 (3) The design shall be novel and esthetically appealing with bright colors and creative ideas; it must look contemporary and attractive with a strong visual impact and be easy to identify and remember.

 (4) There are no restrictions on style and form;

 (5) The design must be easy for post production and convenient to be made into 3D products such as models, toy dolls and souvenirs; it must also be able to be used for various carriers and environments.

2Mascot Name

 (1) The name must be concise with appropriate meaning;

 (2) The name must be appropriate to be shown on the media and public occasions.

3. Note

 (1) No third-party logo unrelated to the CSCE 2018 can be added to the design.

D. Design Instructions

1. The design submitted must not violate any laws or regulations. It must be an original design that has never been publicized in any media. The designer must use his/her real name during submission and confirm that he/she has complete copyright to it. In case of collaborating with others, the designer must obtain the consent of all collaborators and indicate all their names. If any dispute over the copyright to the design occurs, the person submitting the design shall be held responsible.

2. The design will not be returned, so the design shall keep the manuscript properly. The receipt of a design means the designer participates in the competition voluntarily;

3. Each designer can submit more than 1 design with a maximum of 3;

4. If the mascot design is a set of cartoon images (i.e. two or more images, but not the same image in different postures), the images shall still be considered as a whole design.

5. The design shall not be marked with the name, seal, trademark, etc. which may disclose the designer’s identity.

6. After submission, the designer shall not transfer or release the design to any third party or submit it to any similar competition.

E. Legal Application

1. The copyright to a submitted design shall be protected by Chinese law. Any organization or the designer is not allowed to use it without permission.

2. Once a design is found to infringe upon the copyright of any other party, it will be disqualified for the competition. Any prize that has been issued shall be recovered, and all legal responsibilities shall be borne by the person submitting the design.

3. The intellectual property rights of the submitted designs belong to the International Data Group (IDG) (including but not limited to copyright and all other rights to the print, 3D or electronic carriers of the designs). The IDG is entitled to the permanent use of the winning design and to the use, development, modification, authorization, permission or protection of it in any form, otherwise stipulated by law. The IDG shall have the right to improve the imperfections of the winning design and decide where, when and how to use it. The winner will receive no other fees except for the corresponding awards and honors according to this plan. The IDG reserves the right to final interpretation of any doubt arising from this plan and its attachment. The IDG will formulate more regulations to explain any issue that is not covered by this plan.

4. The prize for the winner will be paid in RMB and the personal income tax shall be borne by the winner him/heself; all other expenses incurred during the competition shall be paid by the person submitting the design.

5. If two or more design are the same or similar, the first person will be prioritized (in the order of time of receipt). All the designs received will not be returned, so the designers shall keep the original manuscripts properly.

6. The winner must sign a written legal declaration with the IDG before receiving the prize. He/she will be deemed to agree with the above legal declaration, accept the relevant provisions of this plan and waive any right of objection from the date of submission.

F. Scope of Collection

Collecting designs from organizations or individuals at home and abroad and following the principles of openness, fairness and equity.

G. Submission and Acceptance

1. The size of the mascot design shall be A4 in color, including three view drawings and 3D drawings (in jpg format with a clarity of 300 dpi and submitted via attachment). In addition to the design, the designer shall download and fill in Attachment 1 which includes the name and the design concept (within 1,000 words) along with a brief introduction to the designer and contact info (please ensure the designer can be reached at any time).

2. The design must be composed of two parts:

 (1) Mascot design: including the mascot (a single one or a whole set), three views (including a front view, a 45-degree angle, a side view and a back view), and three or more postures or facial expressions that show the characteristics of the image (e.g. cute expressions and body movements) in different clothes;

 (2) Pictures showing where the mascot can be applied (e.g. a key pendant, a toy doll).

3. The designer shall maintain a 300-dpi bitmap source or vector file that can be used for printing; the producers will contact the winner after the competition for the handover of the source file.

4. The deadline for submission is October 10, 2018.

5. The design shall be submitted to the designated email address:; the subject of the email shall be “mascot + name + email address + contact number” (for example: mascot + Zhang San + + 135 xxxxxxxx).

6. After the process of collection, the organizers/producers will select the winning design from those received.

7. Note: All participants must download the “Mascot Design Registration Form” from the official website of the CSCE 2018. After completing the Registration form, the designers shall send the form and their designs to the designated email box. Any design without the registration form attached will be deemed invalid.

H. The Prize

There is only 1 winning design and the winner will be awarded 10,000 yuan in cash and a souvenir of the CSCE 2018.   

I. Competition Procedure

Submission: by October 10, 2018

Preliminary: October 10-17, 2018; 30 designs will be selected by professional judges of fine arts;

Review: October 17-24, 2018; 8 designs will be selected by the organizer/producer’s internal judges and Internet voting, in which the internal judges’ opinions will account for 80% and Internet voting 20%;

Final: October 25-31, 2018

Results will be announced during the press conference to be held in November.

J. Contact Info

Contact: Ms. Liu Tel: 010-65268757 Email:



The IDG, as the producer, reserves the final right to interpretation of this competition.


International Data Group (IDG)