China Sports Culture Expo · China Sports Tourism Expo November 28-30,2019 Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo

Brief intro

Welcome to the China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo !
December 2018
The China Sports Culture Expo 2018, organized by the General Administration of Sport of China and the Chi- nese Olympic Committee, and the China Sports Tourism Expo, organized by the All-China Sports Federation, the Chinese Olympic Committee and the China Tourism Association, will be held during December 11-13 in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. Thanks for attending the event together with participants from the global sports culture and sports tourism industry.
Themed with New Era, New Sports, New Life, the CSCTE will feature exhibitions, conference, business nego- tiations and events. In 2018, the exhibition area of the CSCTE will cover 40,000 square meters, with estimated 160,000 visits. With highlights of international vision, professional market operation, crossover integration, characteristic sports culture experience, coordinated development of "Belt and Road" regions, CSCTE is com- mitted to building a global, professional, market-oriented, high-end platform from the international perspec- tive at national strategic level, featuring exhibitions, conference, business negotiations and events, boosting the exchange of sports cultures and promoting the integration and development of the sports culture and the sports tourism industry.
The exhibitions will be composed of six major sections, including: Sports Culture, Sports Brands, Interna- tional Sports Organizations, Sports Culture and Tourism Creativity, Sports Technology and Health, Regional Sports Culture and Tourism. Exhibiters include sports powers and international organizations, international sports cultures and sports events, China’s national sports culture and sports tourism institutions, high- lighting interactive sports experiences and classic sports events, sports tourism destinations and routes, the design and operation of smart venues, intelligent technologies and large facilities, the maintenance and construction of sports environment, sports distinctive town, sports tourism demonstration bases, integrated sports parks, tourism services, cultural and creative institutions, renowned sports equipment brands, media, sports platforms, etc.
The conference of the CSCTE will last two days. The opening ceremony and China International Sport Culture and Sports Tourism Main Conference will take place on December 11, and the parallel forums include: Sports Business Forum, Olympic Culture Development Forum, Museum Curators’ Forum, Sports Culture & Sports Tourism Entrepreneurship Competition and Investment Forum, Culture and Tourism Development Forum, Sports Marketing and Event IP Forum, Youth Sports Development Forum and Winter Sports Forum.
Various high-end activities, such as promotions, business matchmaking, accreditation of sports tourism pro- jects, press conference, mind sports competitions, series of activities for spokesman of the CSCET, sports welcome show, freestyle football performance, traditional sports culture performance, football experience, Yukigassen experience, traditional archery experience, cross-country skiing experience, simulated snow slope experience, real ice curling experience, RV experience, sports and arts, happy hour, etc. will also be held concurrently.
We sincere appreciate your participation in the China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo 2018 in China. Wish you to enjoy the grand event for the country’s sports culture and sports industry, and to promote exchanges, collaboration and trade in sports cultures, sports tourism, sports competitions and out- door recreations.
Sports Culture Development Center of General Administration of Sport of China International Data Group (IDG)