China Sports Culture Expo · China Sports Tourism Expo November 27-29,2020 Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo

Exhibitor guide

1. Move-in and move-out notices

1.1 Exhibitors Registration


Raw spaces exhibitors: November 25th-27th, 2019       09:00 - 17:00

Standard booths exhibitors: November 28th, 2019   09:00 - 17:00

Procedures: Exhibitors should take the booth sales contract, valid certificate of authorized person and relevant forms to get the exhibitor’s badges and exhibition-related materials.

1.2 Overtime Work

During the Booth Construction, exhibitors or contractors of raw space stands should submit written application for overtime work to Official Contractor before 15:00. 50% additional fee shall be charged for late submission.

1.3 Exhibits Shipping

In view of the particularity of the import and export of exhibits, we strongly recommend overseas exhibitors to select the exhibition official freight forwarder in order to make your exhibits faster and more convenient to reach the exhibition hall.

1.4 Property Safety

During the exhibition move-in and move-out period, due to the large amount of people on-site, exhibitors should take good care of their own exhibits. Valuables that can be carried should not be left in the hall. In case of suspicious personnel or emergencies, please notify the public security office of the PWTC timely.

1.5 Public Passageway

After the construction, exhibitors must remove exhibits, empty boxes and other items, and shall not occupy public passageway. The venue is not responsible for keeping empty containers outside the booth area and those objects will be disposed as abandoned ones.

1.6 Exhibits Move-out

Exhibits move-out and stand dismantling time is 15:30 - 22:00, November 30th, 2019. Exhibitors cannot move the exhibits out of the booth before 15:30.

1.7 Booth Takedown Deposit

According to PWTC’s requirements, raw space exhibitors must pay a certain amount of risk deposit to the official stand constructor Guangzhou Sincerity Exhibition & Engineering Co., Ltd (S.E.E) to ensure the removal of the booth on December 13th, 2018. Constructors should dismantle all the booths and transport the abandoned objects and garbage away from the exhibition hall. After checking out, please take deposit receipt to apply for refund.

2.     Notices for exhibitors

2.1    Entry regulations

Please comply with the regulations concerning the opening and closing time of the exhibition hall. During the exhibition, exhibitors should enter the venue half an hour before visitors and leave after visitors have gone. The registration counters will be closed one hour before the closing of the venue, and the issuance of entrance cards will be stopped. Minors are not allowed to enter the exhibition (except with the organizers’ approval).

2.2    Volume Limit

In order to maintain a good business environment inside the exhibition halls, exhibitors are requested to control the sound volume of the booth audio equipment below 65 decibels during the exhibition. Organizers have the right to take appropriate measures to stop booths that exceed the volume limit.

2.3    Exhibition Site

Exhibitors should protect the environment, floors, walls and other facilities of the venue. If the related facilities of the venue are damaged, the exhibitor shall compensate for that in accordance with the relevant regulations of the venue.

2.4    Intellectual Property Rights

The organizers specifically request exhibitors adhere to the integrity of trademarks and other intellectual property items. If an infringement dispute occurs onsite, the organizers have the right to request exhibitors to remove exhibits which have infringed on intellectual property rights, and all the consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the exhibitors.

2.5    Exhibits Move-out

All exhibitors are requested to go to the Official Stand Constructor’s counter on the day before the last exhibition day (December 12th, 2018) to get a blank Exit Permit with valid exhibitor certificates. After 16:00 of the dismantling day, exhibitors need to show the Exit Permit which filled out with the list of removed items to the security staffs at exit gates to carry the exhibit out of the exhibition hall.

2.6    Debris Storage

No items or garbage could be left behind the booths and in public spaces. For the storage of cartons and other debris, please contact the official freight forwarder company.

2.7    Security

The organizers will provide necessary security services for the exhibition.

2.8    Onsite Cleaning

The venue cleaners are only responsible for cleaning the public areas and passageways of the exhibition halls. In order to ensure the safety of the exhibits, the exhibitors are responsible for the cleaning work in your own booth.

2.9    Publicity Materials Dispatch

Exhibitors can only distribute publicity materials, souvenirs, etc. in your own booth rather in public areas, otherwise the security staffs are entitled to confiscate the items distributed.

2.10  Exhibition Insurance

Exhibitors should insure for the exhibits and devices on your own needs, and take good care of the exhibits and belongings. The organizers do not assume legal responsibility for the loss or damage of exhibits or personal belongings.

2.11  Others

Please do not use electric irons (except stream iron) inside the venue. Smoking is prohibited inside the exhibition halls.